• Access leading-edge professional applications. 查看Creative Cloud应用程序的完整列表
  • 学习有说服力的沟通技巧.
  • 研究生 with the visual, audio and animation skills that can give you an edge in the job market.
  • 更深入地参与课程作业, immersing yourself in creative projects like podcasts, 网页及纪录片.
图像文本. Creative Cloud includes these apps and much more!  杂技演员职业, Aero, 后的效果, 动画, 试镜, Behance公司, 维, Dreamweaver, 壁画, 插画家, 排版软件名称, Lightroom, Photoshop, 投资组合, Premiere Pro, 首映冲, Spark和XD.

安装adobe creative cloud

To get started, download the Creative Cloud desktop application.

  1. Visit
  2. Click 登录 在右上角.
  3. 输入A&电子商贸电邮地址((电子邮件保护) or (电子邮件保护)),然后选择 继续.
    • You might see a screen asking you to select an account. 选择 “公司还是学校” 选项(如果有).
  4. You will be redirected to the TAMUC Single Sign-On authentication page. 从那里,输入你的A&移动商务的密码. This is the password you use to sign in to your e-mail.
  5. After signing in, you will be redirected to the Adobe Creative Cloud site. 选择“Open Creative Cloud”按钮.
  6. On the right side of the Creative Cloud home page, click the 安装创意云应用 下的连结 快速皇冠体育365 section.
  7. Once the download has finished, it should open automatically. If it doesn’t, locate the file and launch it.


After you’ve downloaded the Creative Cloud desktop application, you may download as many or as few Adobe CC applications to your computer as you would like.

  1. 用你的A登录&移动商务 address and password, if prompted.
  2. 在应用程序选项卡中, choose the application(s) you would like to install on your computer and click its install button.


Creative Cloud provides a bundle of apps and services for video, 平面设计, 摄影及网站开发.

Creative Cloud includes over 30 creative applications and services that work together across devices, 包括杂技演员, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, 试镜, Story, 后的效果, 动画, 图解和InDesign.

Centrally supported licenses for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite are available for active faculty, A&移动商务, including students who are taking online classes and who are taking classes at extended learning sites.

活跃的学生,教师和工作人员在A&移动商务 may access Adobe Creative Cloud free of charge.

The process depends on the type of account you previously held. If your previous Creative Cloud account used your university-issued email address, you should receive instructions in an email from Adobe that provision your new Creative Cloud account. 有更多的信息 自动化资产迁移过程 在Adobe网站和他们的 FAQ.

If your old Adobe account was not tied to your university-issued address, you will need to manually back up files and synch them to your new account. More information on how to browse, manage and synch cloud assets can be found here.

Adobe has created a process for you to migrate your content to a free account so that you can keep all of your work. If you want to continue creating new content, you will need to maintain a personal subscription, but you can retain access to the work you have already created by visiting 毕业 Graduating students can get four months of complimentary access by visiting 毕业

Yes. A&移动商务 has an enterprise agreement with Adobe. Because you are included in this contract, individual Creative Cloud subscribers can terminate their contracts and use the A&移动商务 license instead without being charged a termination fee.

联系 Adobe的支持 and be certain to inform the support agent that you are a student or employee at A&移动商务, and you are provided Adobe Creative Cloud by the university.

Your A&移动商务 subscription to Creative Cloud is tied to your enrollment or employment at A&移动商务. If you leave or graduate, you will need to 购买自己的账户 if you want to continue using the software.

当时, you may back up your projects and files locally and move them to your new subscription as desired. 以继续访问Spark内容, you can invite your new account to collaborate on the project from your old account.

Visit the Install Creative Cloud section of this page for more information on downloading your free Creative Cloud software.

System requirements vary among applications in Creative Cloud. A complete list of system requirements by product can be found through Adobe.

You may install and use the software on an A&移动商务 device and up to two personal computers. 一些应用程序, 包括首映冲, Spark and others also run on mobile devices, with the ability to share projects seamlessly from one device to another.

Once Adobe Creative Cloud is installed on your device, you can use your A&移动商务的cid和登录密码.

Depending on the issue, you can find support in a variety of places. There will be in-app help in each application. 也有教程

For account or access issues, please contact the A&移动商务的帮助台.

Adobe提供了许多 教程 that offer instruction for the various Creative Cloud apps.


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